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Unwrote app leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to revolutionize the way users engage with books and stories.

Innovative platform designed to transform any text into a personalized multimedia experience, offering customized audiobooks, concise summaries, and captivating animations tailored to the user’s preferences.


Create a space where we connect authors, artists, and readers in an effort to revive the excitement associated with both reading and writing books using innovative content.

  • Strategy

    Machine Learning, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client


Open Project

Reading Experience

Innovative platform designed to transform any text into a personalized multimedia experience, offering customized audiobooksconcise summaries, and captivating animations tailored to the user’s preferences.

Cover Design

Unwrote enables users to instantly generate personalized book covers, reflecting the essence of the text with visually appealing designs. This feature empowers authors and readers alike to bring a visual identity to their stories without the need for professional design skills.


Unwrote’s AI-driven text-to-speech technology offers a highly immersive listening experience by generating audiobooks that mimic human narration. Users can choose from a variety of voices, accents, and reading speeds to suit their personal taste, ensuring the audiobook feels uniquely theirs.

Principles: Life and Work (Original Audio)

Narrated by Ray Dalio and Jeremy Bobb

The two audiobook samples were created by a computer using advanced AI and voice synthesis technology based on the text above from Ray Dalio’s Principles: Life and Work Part I – Page 19 eBook, published on September 19, 2017 by Simon & Schuster and available on

Principles sample (demo)

Narrated by AI Voice Generator (AI Voice 1)

Principles sample (demo)

Narrated by AI Voice Generator (AI Voice 2)


Full-stack Development

React for the frontend and Node.js for the backend, optimizing for high performance and scalability to meet enterprise-level demands.

Generative AI and
Machine Learning

Generative AI and large language models to power innovative content creation, enabling the app to produce unique book covers, audiobooks, summaries, and animations.

UX/UI Design &
Website/App Design

UX/UI design focused on creating intuitive and visually compelling designs for websites and apps, prioritizing user engagement.

Cloud Services (AWS/Azure and Google)

Deployed across multiple regions using AWS and Azure to ensure scalable, secure, and resilient application and data management, supporting global accessibility and reliability.